Polish Adventures

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It has been a while since my last blog but my adventures have continued!

My Shape Note singing, mostly Sacred Harp, has now taken me to the first ever Camp FaSoLa Europe. Experts from America came to teach over 50 people everything there is to know about Sacred Harp singing. The camp was held near Gdansk and was followed by the first ever Sacred Harp Poland Convention in Warsaw. Now that was an interesting bus journey!

From previous blogs you may know I'm a fan of Tim Eriksen.
Tim was one of the tutors at camp and it was an absolute thrill to hear him play a one hour gig during the week for the lucky campers.
The week was fun, interesting and emotional! Words can't describe what it felt like to be amongst so many amazing people and to think of those we would have loved to have been there with us but just couldn't be there.
I can't express enough thanks to everyone who made this experience one of the most pleasurable I have ever had. David & Karen Ivey, P Dan Brittain, Judy Caudle, Jesse P. Karlsberg, Chris Brown and Tim Eriksen!!!! Sorry Tim ;-)
That's just the tutors! Every single camper is my friend and I am so lucky to have shared this time with you all.

Of course my camera made the trip with me and the results will be available very soon, only 3317 shots to look through!
There were some challenging lighting situations along the way which forced me to push the limits of my camera and my technical skills! I found myself shooting in full manual mode for the first time!
Lots of "firsts" over the past couple of weeks!

Hopefully I have captured some of the joy I get from singing and photography.

Lots more singing coming up over the next couple of months but I'm hoping to spend some more time on photography away from singing. I feel a draw to Ireland at the moment so who knows, my next pics could be from there!

I'd love to hear what you like and dislike on my site. Too many photos of singers with their hands in the air beating time or not enough pics of singers with their hands in the air??? More landscapes or more wildlife???

Give me some feedback and I'll try and catch more of what you like in the future.
Get in touch via the contact page, I love hearing from people that have visited the site.

Ok, better get back to the editing!