First Blog!

I have been traveling so much recently to Sacred Harp singings that I thought I would try sharing some of my adventures on a blog. English and spelling are not my strongest skills, it's a bit daunting, but I guess nobody is reading this anyway!

I compose this first blog as I sit on a flight from Gatwick to Glasgow after a "flying" visit to the special all day birthday singing in Winnersh near Reading.
Getting up at 5am this morning to catch a flight, then fly back the same day, sums up how much I love Sacred Harp singing and how much the people mean to me.
It's difficult not to get emotional about the whole Sacred Harp phenomenon that has consumed my life over the past few months but it has given me so much pleasure to be involved in the tradition and to indulge in some photography at the same time!

February and March have been one big long singing for me, including a week in Ireland where I attended the second Ireland Sacred Harp convention in Cork. So many great friends have been made over the last year and there is nothing better than catching a happy smile during a song.

I still have photos to sort through from a singing in Sussex last Saturday, and some from today, so keep checking the site for new pics. I may even get a chance to upload some non-singing ones too!